Chris Brown Essay

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Chris Brown is the reinvented Michael Jackson. Chris is 28, he was born on May 5, 1989. His real name is Christopher Maurice Brown. His contribution to R&B is that he made young people want to start dancing again, because before Chris came out u really didn’t see any young people dancing. He is a great singer. Chris is an African-American singer, dancer, and a songwriter. His genres are R&B, hip-hop and pop, but hip-pop and pop are mixed in with R&B. He has three labels which are CBE, Jive, and RCA. Brown’s contribution to R&B is that he has Grammy Awards. He won a grammy award in the fifty-fourth Grammy Awards. Chris was once number two on the UK chart. Chris Brown was once working with Lionel Richie and Smokey Robinson. A while after that…show more content…
In 2006, he went on his Up close and Personal Tour. He played thirty and more concerts across the country. Chris is in movies and he also has a lot of albums. He started acting after his singing and dancing career got to be known worldwide. In 2007, Brown got a lot of new projects that he had to work on. Chris Brown’s albums in what got him into the Grammy’s. Tina Davis is the person that discovered Chris Brown (I thank her). At the time Tina Davis was working for Def Jam Records. Chris Brown got his first record deal at the age of 15. Chris released a new album in 2005, and it he titled it himself. That album got into the charts very quickly.He had a number one hit with his song “Run It”. That song got him two grammy awards nominations for Best New Artist. Chris Brown started of singing and dancing in a church choir, and at local talent shows from a young age. One of his albums had a certified double platinum by the RIAA. His songs were number three, number nine, and number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100 respectively. He also had the seventh most Hot 100 entries on the chart with 82. Brown made his own on-screen feature film
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