Chris Brown: The Perseverance Of A Mother

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The Perseverance of a Mother Every mother sticks up for their child no matter what. Chris’s mother is one of the few back in the nineteen thirties that did not just fed and wash their crippled child and leave them. She would not give up on Chris she knew he would be just as good as anny of the other kids. Her perseverance helped Chris. Chris’s mother is a mother of twenty two children, she had already lost four and she was not going to give up on one of her middle children Chris. Her personality helped her care and respect her son’s needs. She is a kind, nurturing and loving mother that will do anything for anyone of her kids especially Chris. She is also a stubborn woman that would not agree with the doctors no matter what they said Chris…show more content…
She would read to him and they would let him be around the other children and go outside in the warm sun filled days. She would never give up hope that someday her little Chris would be just as good as any other child. Her hope was that strong that some days she would ask him questions hoping he would respond in some way. “ Her eyes looked from my face down to my foot, with the chalk gripped between my toes. She put down the pot.” ( Brown 5). Her hopes were soon proven to be true. All the way through the appointments and clinic they take Chris to, his mother argues with the doctors that his mind is perfectly fine it’s just his body that is not. His mother struggles with the doctors to show them that chris’s mind is perfect. She would not accept that her son might be a hopeless case no matter what the doctors told her. “ Mother decided there and then that she would take matters into her own hands.” ( Brown 2). Chris’s mother stopped taking him to doctors and began to help her son alone with only her wits and her hopes to guide her. Chris’s mother is brave women as she as shown as throughout the story. She will never give up hope in anyone of her children. Chris soon learned how to do things all thanks to his mother he picked up that chalk and wrote that shaky “A” with his mother’s help that night. Which goes to show that a mother’s perseverance is all that she need to help
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