Chris Cagle Song My Life's Been A Country Song

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Music is a huge part of people’s lives because when you cannot find words to describe what is going in life music speaks to you. For instance in Chris Cagle song “My Life’s Been a Country Song” the lyrics “My life’s been a country song; it’s been the words when I couldn’t find ‘em. A friend when I’ve been alone. It’s been the toast to remember, the strength for moving on....” describe how music is always there for people. What exactly is country music? According to the Webster Dictionary, it defined country music as “folk music of southeast and southwest United States accompanied by guitar, banjor, or other stringed instruments.” People have their different interpretation of country music. People who do not adore country music might think it is just talking about jacked-up trucks, beer, and women. For instant the lyrics to Luke Bryan’s song “That’s My Kind of Night”, “I got that real good feel good stuff. Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck. Rollin' on 35s. Pretty girl by my…show more content…
Most of the time the generation of when someone was born into plays a gigantic role on which era he or she is fond of the most. For an instant, if someone raised in the 1950s would more than probably prefer Hank Williams to Luke Bryan. This is not true is all cases, though. Everyone is different that is why not all of one generation enjoys the same music. When some people say, that today’s country music is trash or that it is not true country music because of the minor object is their opinion. Country music is broken up into multiple different subcategories. It just so happens that the popular country music today is more pop and rock style. It is all about what certain people like. Not everyone is going to like the same music as everyone does. What is the point of trash talking someone else’s taste in music? There is none! If someone does not like the music, do not listen to it, simple as
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