Becoming A Refugee Analysis

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Chris Cleave a British writer and journalist once said, “So when I say that I am a refugee, you must understand that there is no refuge”. Chris Cleave is saying we must know when people become a refugee they are still not safe. People think that becoming a refugee is a good option but in some cases, it is the total opposite. The dangers that come with becoming a refugee are very horrifying. These dangers can last with the refugee a short time or they can last their whole life. In the article, “Practitioner Review: Assessment and treatment of refugee children and adolescents who have experienced war-related trauma” by Kimberly A. Ehntholt and William Yule, is about what makes a person a refugee and the difficulties that they go through. The…show more content…
Ehntholt and Yule state, “... depression is linked to life difficulties and stressors…” (1198). Ehntholt and Yule are saying that depression is associated with stress and other life struggles. These life struggles cause a person to go into a really deep and horrible depression which then can later cause that person to harm themselves. We see this depression turn into self-harm towards the end of Marjane’s stay in Austria. Marjane got sick while in Austria and went to the doctors, the doctors diagnosed her with severe bronchitis and he said not to smoke because she’ll put herself in harm. While Marjane was recovering, “I think that I preferred to put myself in serious danger rather confront my shame” (244). Marjane was so deep in her depression that she would preferably harm herself then accept the things that she has been doing herself. Marjane did not just smoke one cigarette, she smokes a couple packs of them. Marjane is at this point because this is where the depression leads her. If Marjane had the official name of a refugee she would have medication for her depression, her depression would have never gone this far. If she continues on this path she could lead herself to do other harmful things, like drugs and even could lead to her death. If Marjane was in Iran still she would have never reached this point of depression because she has many friends and family she could talk to. Marjane’s refugee experience results in her harming herself because of

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