Summary Of The Crazy Horse Electric Game By Chris Crutcher

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In the book “The Crazy Horse Electric Game” Chris Crutcher wanted to do a book for coming-of-age teens. He did a book over the basic things a child is faced with at a young age such as Willie. This book teaches a very valuable lesson for teens and for parents. With the certain topics I bring up in this book you’ll see the lesson for sure.

Willie was a very talented young man in sports , due to his gift he inherited from his father who was a football superstar back in the 1960s. I know most people would look at this and be like “Oh wow yes, he’s lucky to have a former ex football player as father.” Well in this story he isn’t so lucky. His dad works him hard everyday just so his son can be just as good as him. I know you probably …show more content…

He already felt pressured to do good in sports because he didn’t want to let his dad down. But now that he’s injured he felt as if he ruined his family. He saw the change in his parents marriage , for a kid to feel that way that’s the parents fault. A child should never feel as if he/she was the cause of divorce or some sort. Chris Crutcher , wrote this book for teens to open up more to their parents to speak out when they’re feeling a certain way. Not bottle up their emotions and become stressed and depressed over the situations they’re put in. He also wrote this for parents who ride they kids to the point where they’d rather die than play sports. Sports are supposed to be fun and entertaining. But if you as a parent put your child down and make them feel bad for doing something wrong is where you mess up. No human is perfect so you shouldn’t expect a child to ace everything they do. That’s where Willie’s dad went wrong, he expected too much from him and when he got injured it’s like Willie’s dad’s dreams were ruined. That’s how the family slowly started falling apart, the father and son relationship wasn’t all that good to begin with and now that he’s injured really messed it for the both of

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