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In this reflection I will be going over the many Observations and interviews I conducted for this project. I first started my observations and interview with Chris Ferazzol, second Courtney O’Connor, third Joe Canfield, fourth Matt Falbo, and Fifth Mike Falbo. I will go over why they started playing, what keeps them motivated to play, what percentage of the sport they believe is mental, how they deal with the mental issues, and how they deal with mental issues with their athletes if they coach.

The first observation and interview I conducted was on “Chris Ferazzol.” He was coaching a hockey practice with his team “No Bull.” The age group of these athletes was “children 3-10 years old.” Since it is summer, it was run more like a clinic
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He had his team during the regular season there, but he also had other players for the extra off-season practice. He ran a very structured practice with lots of skill oriented drills. During the interview, I asked him several questions pertaining to sports psychology. During the interview, he stated he started playing hockey at the age of three. He stated his grandfather played, and he sort of idealized him growing up. From these statements it tells me it’s a "family sport." He stated the reason why he still plays and coaches is he likes kids, likes to give back to kids what he didn't necessarily have when he was growing up. He also stated the reason why he still plays is he loves the sport and it’s a rush every time he plays. This statement by him tells me he has intrinsic motivation (motivation that comes from within). He also thought the mental aspect of the sport was 75%, which is a huge portion. He said the way he dealt with mental issues involved during a game “ would be to go to the bench, close his eyes, take a deep breath, visualize making good plays” this response to the mental aspect is huge, he is using relaxation

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