Chris Guillebeau: An Entrepreneur

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How many people do you know who are helping millions of people without any expectation? How many people do you know who are making the lives of millions much better without even knowing them; and what if you yourselves are one of those million people? Today I am going to introduce you to Chris Guillebeau, the man, who, notwithstanding his young age, is definitely the person I characterized. Chris Guillebeau, born in 1978, is an American entrepreneur, speaker, blogger, nonfiction author, and traveler. He has evaded a real job for more than a decade, and traveled every single country in the world instead, inspiring the rest of the world to make independent decisions. Chris makes people believe they have what it takes to succeed in their lives and that they can conceive their own unconventional ways to realize their…show more content…
I realized that blogging is essentially about building a relationship based on trust with thousands of people, as Chris does. He is always concerned with the problems of his followers and makes every effort to help them morally. In a sense, he has created a peculiar world consisting of him and his blog users, where people who feel lonely or isolated find an alternative home. - Travelling and its further reflection As Chris also acknowledges, his traveling experiences to 196 countries have inspired himself too as he heard unconventional life stories of many people with diverse backgrounds, which he later compiled and established in his book “$100 Startup”. This book makes readers familiar with many unconventional people and their unconventional micro-businesses. It both is a reflection of the stories of people Chris has met during his travels, and serves as a precursor for those who are looking forward to get their businesses off the ground. - Campaigns to make dreams come
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