Chris Kyle: A True Hero In American Sniper

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An extremely popular film, titled American Sniper, was released just last year. Chris Kyle is the main character in this incredible true story. In a flashback, his father said, “There are three types of people in the world: the sheep, the wolf, and the sheepdog. The sheep are the people that depend on everyone to protect and look after them. The wolf is the man who try to bring down society and make life unbearable for the sheep. The sheepdog is a rare breed, they stand up to the wolf, and stand up for the sheep” (Eastwood). In other words, sheep depend on the protection of others to stay alive. The wolves are the criminals who try to harm the dependent people. And the sheepdog are simply… the heros. Of all the incredible traits that construct …show more content…

In addition, every true hero is always caring towards others. Spider Man is another perfect example of this action. Spider Man came to a point in his life when he felt like he had no desire to be “the hero” anymore. When he started having these thoughts, his incredible gifts began to dissipate. However, that didn’t stop him from saving people. A majority of people would say a hero is a person who runs into burning buildings and saves people, that is exactly what Peter Parker did. He saw an opportunity to help people when he noticed a building was on fire, and without his powers, he dashed inside. In the end, he saved a young child and escaped the tragedy with no lacerations or injuries. No matter what, a hero will always save and protect other people whether he/she wants to or not. That is what a hero does, he/she will care for others as if they were their own family. For true heroes, they can’t just have an imperfect day and decide to not help people. Once they choose the path to help and save people, they can’t just walk …show more content…

Finally, a pure hero is always on guard and ready for any mishap. This is important because no one can know what will happen in the future. Heroes don’t magically get visions of where to be and when to be there. Spider Man is another perfect example of this trait. Peter (Spider Man) was at the bank with his Aunt when, unexpectedly, the bank was robbed. The popular villain known as Doc-Ock was attempting to loot the bank of its money. Peter had no idea that the bank would be robbed; however, that didn’t stop him from putting on his suit and began to fight back against the menace. Another perfect example of this would be about off duty cops. A video was released on Youtube not too recently. The video was live footage at a gas-station. An off-duty cop was fueling his vehicle when another vehicle beside him set flame. The officer immediately took charge and broke through the burning vehicle and saved two people’s lives. This is a perfect example of a hero because he was brave, fearless, and ready to take charge at any disaster. Heroic men and women should be honored for their bravery and selflessness. This man had no idea that such a tragic event would occur at such an innocent time. He was under the impression that he go to the gas-station, fill his car and leave. However, no one could have known that the automobile would catch

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