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Chris Kyle an American Hero I think that Chris Kyle is a hero because he was strong, noble and brave. Kyle showed his strength in many occasions. The training he endured to become a SEAL was far from easy, even if he had previously lead a very outdoors woodsman life.(Aldrich, Ian) In fact, Kyle became so good at what he did, that he was considered the best of the best. (Deutsch, Lindsey) In his position as a sniper he had 180 kills that were confirmed, but estimation of 255 all together. (Kyle, Chris) I personally feel like I 'm not head-strong enough to endure that kind of weight on my shoulders, so I appreciate the mental battle he went through, for our country. His fellow marines acknowledged his skill and nicknamed him “The Devil of Ramadi.”…show more content…
He was constantly faced with close calls, like when was in a situation where a woman was hiding a grenade under her clothes. (Deutsch, Lindsey) Should he take the woman 's life, even if not completely sure of her intentions? He was always in danger and had to think on his feet. Ending one previously seeming innocent person 's life could save his whole troop. Some things may seem unethical from a far in war but, bad happens, and with an enemies push you can 't pull, you have to push back, but stronger. I’ve noticed some say that being a sniper is cowardly, but I disagree. He stopped others from killing the people on his side, making them able to continue. Unfortunately Chris’ brave run in life ended in 2013, when a former marine shot and killed him at a gun range. (Aldrich, Ian) Chris may mainly be remembered for shooting an enemy from an unbelievable 2,100 yards away, or a call he made when an unaware child was holding a weapon that threatend his people, but in all honesty, he should be remembered for the strength, nobility, and bravery he showed, not his stats. I am so grateful to those who go out and risk their life everyday so that I and others can be peacefully oblivious to the horror

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