Chris Kyle Character Analysis

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Ordinary or Hero “It’s hard to go from God, Country, and Family to God, Family, and Country” These are the words Chris Kyle told reporters in an interview. Three grit traits that are shown by Chris are defined to help the reader know how they are displayed. My first trait is Perseverance, which means: Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty, or delay in achieving success. Passion is defined as: A very strong feeling about a person or something with intense emotion. Finally, the third trait is Confidence: a feeling of self-assurance arising from ones’ appreciation and own abilities. Chris Kyle was a 38-year-old, 6ft-2, 230lbs man, who served four deployments as a Navy SEAL. He was a father of two that was known by his friends…show more content…
In addition, Chris Kyle used passion when it came to being there for his family. Chris Kyle’s wife talks in the book “American Sniper” about her and Chris’s disputes throughout their marriage, but they got through it all and she’s glad they did. Chris had talked about how even through all the distance between them, they still had “some kind of connection” and that would be what both Chris and Taya held onto (Kyle). Chris was deployed 4 times, but he had still managed to keep a bond with his family. Chris was a new father and had yet to bond with his kids, after both of them were born he was deployed again, only being able to see them for a brief period of time. Therefore Chris made it his duty to work harder and make it home safe back to his family. In Chris’s book “American Sniper” (which later was made into a major motion picture,) Chris tells the story of how Taya asked him not to enlist again. Chris left the next day. When Kyle was gone he missed important times in his kid’s life. He regretted it, but he never felt sorry for going back “I have a duty to my country” he would say. He would constantly call home when he had a chance, some calls not even lasting a minute due to gun shots and bombs going off, he would rather his family not hear what is happening. After he returned home, he said he was ‘finally come home’ meaning he was there to stay and he wasn’t going to enlist again. Hence,
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