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Chris Kyle is an American legend. Kyle is considered the best sniper to ever be in the American military. He has over 100 confirmed kills throughout his military career as an Navy SEAL sniper. He fought in the ?war against Iraq after joining the Navy in 1999. Kyle retired from the Navy in 2009. He was killed in 2013 by a marine who had PTSD and Kyle was trying to help. Many people respect him and what he did in his military career. He is revered as a hero to many Americans and especially in Texas, his birthplace. Many consider him one of America’s finest men to live. Kyle was a good hearted man who wanted to rid the world of evil. Many other people, liberals mostly, dislike Chris Kyle for being violent by calling him a murderer. Chris was not…show more content…
According to the film and book “American Sniper", Chris only felt bad about the lives he couldn 't save, not the ones he did. He had no problem killing the enemy but could not bear to see his fellow servicemen be killed. Many marines look up to him as a savior because he was their only protection when walking down hostile streets. Enemy soldiers would hide and ambush so Kyle would prevent them from ambushing. He has had confirmed kills from over a mile away that most natural men wouldn’t be able to do. “Everyone called him ‘Legend '.” ( Nicholas Schmidle…show more content…
PTSD was what the marine said he had since he was in the military, but no evidence supports how he would have gotten PTSD. The marine, Eddie Routh never was in any combat zones during his service time. Routh shot Kyle and Chad Littlefield, Chris’ friend, at a gun range on February 2, 2013. His death shook America; the hero who was considered a legend was dead. Thousands of people lined the highways to watch his procession pass on a rainy day. His procession was a 200 mile trip from north Texas to Austin. America showed its respects to a fallen legend by showing their love and support as his casket was laying in that hirst on the rainy day. Thousands of people waved flags and prayed for him. The Legend might have died but the Legend’s story will live

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