Chris Kyle: Hero

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Chris Kyle: Hero
“People tell me I saved hundreds and hundreds of people. But I have to tell you: it’s not the people you saved that you remember. It’s the ones you couldn’t save. Those are the ones you talk about. Those are the faces and situations that stay with you forever.” This is a quote from the famous US Navy Sniper, Chris Kyle(Book). Chris Kyle is notorious for being a tenacious, heroic, and affectionate man due to his many actions he carried out for the United States of America.
Chris Kyle was born on April 8, 1974 in Odessa, Texas. He grew up on a ranch where he spent most of his time outdoors. As a graduate Chris studied at Tarleton State University. For a short time period in his life he tended to ranches until he sought his
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Even though people see Chris as a skilled and strong sniper, there is a few faces who see him as a loving man. Those few people are his family. Chris Kyle married Taya Kyle on March 16, 2002. He then had two children. In the movie American Sniper, Taya is represented as a loving and caring wife. However, with Chris being gone she begins to struggle and feel lonely. According to the Military Times Magazine, Taya reports the movie as being solely and absolutely correct. When he returned from war he struggled with post war stress. Taya Kyle has written many articles about her loving husband. One of her most known is an article by the title “My Struggle to Heal.” This article explains the tragic aftermath of Chris’s death. On February 2, 2013 Chris was shot and killed by a man named Eddie Ray Routh. Eddie was a war veteran and suffered from post traumatic stress. Chris and his best friend, Chad Littlefield, were both gunned down in the attempt to help Eddie. They were pronounced dead at the gun range. In the article Taya says she regrets one thing, and that was the fact that she did not support him as well as she should have. “I just wish I would have been able to hold his face in my hands and look at him in the eye and tell him. I know you’re in pain. I wish I had that connection to be like, ‘I get this.’ It’s beyond missing him. It’s wanting to do better for someone you love.” Taya describes Chris as the strongest man she knows, and that he loved her and the kids so
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