Chris Kyle Research Paper

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Chris Kyle was a U.S. Navy Seal Sniper in the U.S. Military. He became well known for his excellent marksmanship. He even had a bounty placed on his head by foreign places. He wrote his biography "American Sniper" which later became a best-seller and also became a Hollywood movie down the road. I think he is a modern day American Hero because, out of the comfort of his home, he enlisted into the U.S. navy and fought to keep the US safe and to put his life on the line. Chris was born on April 8, 1979 in Odessa, Texas. He grew up on a ranch. His father was a church deacon. He liked to hunt deer and pheasant. He loved the outdoors. He studied at Tarleton State university in Stephansville, Texas. He studied agriculture there for 2 years. He was interested in the military and joined the navy in 1999 and was quickly accepted into the SEALS.…show more content…
Chris Kyle was deployed to Iraq 4 times throughout his Military career. His marksmanship was so well known that he had a nickname known has the "Devil of Ramadi". In his 10 years of service, he killed over 160 people, more than any other US Sniper. Chris Kyle is an American Hero because he was skilled at what he did. HE helped train others and helped them be better at their jobs. No one likes to think of killing as a job, but our military is trained to kill in order to protect this nation. Kyle said in his book that he was not trying to make a name for himself. He said that killing people at long range was his military mission. Because he was so good at it, many lives were saved and Iraq is a safer place. His effort and valor throughout his deployments to Iraq were celebrated. He was awarded 2 silver star medals and 5 bronze star medals for
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