Chris Kyle Thesis

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Chris Kyle, an United States Navy SEAL, was a true american hero because he risked his life to save ours. He made the choice to sacrifice his life in order to protect our country. He took his duty as a Navy SEAL very seriously. By taking pride in his job he gained a lot of people 's respect for being a great soldier and an overall great guy. Chris was a hard worker, selfless, and a good family man. He was always searching for way to improve himself to be the best man that he could be. Although he spent a lot of time over seas fighting for our country, Chris was also very devoted to his family. He had two kids nicknamed “Bubba” and “Angel”. They were the light of his life. He was a very thoughtful, loving, and caring husband to his wife Taya…show more content…
He gained independence in shooting and was quickly noticed for his shooting skills. The SEALs quickly realized that he would become one of the best snipers of all time. After he joined the SEALs he was trained very hard and became a very deadly sniper. He served four deployments in Iraq. Each deployment got harder for him as he was leaving behind his family that he loved so much. Chris’ ability to shoot so well made him essential to the SEALs and he knew it was his calling to serve our country. Chris made many enemies afraid because of his great shot. The enemies even put a bounty on his head of 20,000 dollars. They were willing to put that much money on his head because he was so deadly and they were scared of him and his abilities. He was never worried about himself and put his life on the line many times to save people who had been wounded. Chris had 160 confirmed kills in his four tours in Iraq which is more than any other military sniper. He earned a bronze and a silver star for his efforts overseas. Chris was so deadly with the sniper that he was nicknamed “The Devil Of Ramadi”. Chris later said, “ I don 't have to psyche myself up or do something special mentally- I just look through my scope, get my target in the crosshairs, and kill my enemy before he kills one of my guys” (American Sniper). Chris left the military in 2009. Chris’ never realized the amount of…show more content…
After leaving the military, Chris had a hard time getting used to his old life as a civilian. Loud noises and screams were difficult for him to hear. He struggled due to the scenes he had saw overseas. Kyle definitely struggled with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) just like many other soldiers that return home after war. Chris’ was distracted and off, he soon looked for ways to cope with his issues. He started to spend too much time away from home at the bars drinking. Chris even started talking and texting old girl friends. After watching her husband struggle for a bit of time Taya finally got him to agree to go to counseling. After some counseling they eventually got back to how they had used to be. Chris needed a way to pay his service forward to the community. Chris got the idea to start helping other veterans coming back from war get on their feet and readapt into the civilian life. Chris knew what it was like to return to civilian life and not be the same person. He helped many veterans by just taking them out and getting everything off their mind. Many of these Veterans had PTSD like Chris did. He kept himself busy doing this as much as he could. Chris even started a company called Craft International. This was a foundation that allowed veterans to work out with each other, staying fit and having a healthy mindset. Chris’s goal was to help soldiers stay in touch and overcome PTSD. Through all his life he did this and was always reaching out to people.
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