Chris Kyle's Accomplishments

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Chris Kyle is the most lethal sniper in American history. Chris demonstrated heroism on many accounts during his years of service. Chris Kyle is considered one of America 's heroes. His history and background was unique, his accomplishments are important, and the legacy he has left behind is important to everyone. Chris Kyle always wanted to help people. Kyle would help anyone he could, for many reasons. Chris Kyle was a part of a close family. In Kyle 's book, American Sniper, he states hunting was a family activity. Kyle says, "I couldn 't even remember when I started hunting" (8). His family had a deer lease and they would go hunt whatever was in season. Kyle got into many fights, as a child and as an adult. In his book he says, "While I got into a lot of fights, I didn 't start most of them" (9). He explains how he would defend himself and his brother, but expanded to defending anyone. He claims it was his duty, which shows that Kyle had a true passion for helping people. Chris Kyle 's childhood had a big impact on who he was as an adult. In his book Chris says, "My father was like my…show more content…
After Kyle 's death, many people took notice of his accomplishments. Kyle left a lot behind after his death. Texas made a day for Chis Kyle, in his memory. The day was made for Kyle after his murder in 2013. Governor Greg Abbott said, "I have declared February 2nd to be Chris Kyle day, we honor our heroes"(Texas Sets Aside Chris Kyle Day). Chris Kyle day was made to honor Kyle and his accomplishments. Kyle left behind inspiration for many. Kyle inspired others to join the military. Kyle always had a true passion for helping others. Kyle even started to give back to others. "I 'm starting to understand the contributions I can make to others" (Kyle 370). Kyle left behind an amazing record. Kyle left behind the most confirmed kills by any U.S. sniper. Kyle says "The number is not important to me" (4). Overall, Chris Kyle is an inspiration for many. He will not be easily
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