Chris Mccandless: A Reckless Idiot

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Chris McCandless: A Reckless Idiot Chris McCandless was a reckless idiot and there is no denying that basic truth. Chris McCandless was a man born into a middle class family. Chris had parents that loved him, a roof over his head, and food to eat. Despite all those riches he had, he threw them away. Chris was a very selfish man. Chris went off after he graduated college and “lived off the land”. Chris would travel to the coast of Mexico, the plains of Kansas, and the dunes of Nevada. Chris went on a final expedition to Alaska that cost him everything. In the following paragraphs I will fully detail how Chris was reckless, selfish, and naive. I will also explore how Chris tied his life to the beliefs of transcendentalism. One thing to not forget:…show more content…
One must keep in mind that Thoreau’s government was not Barack Obama’s government. Things were drastically different back then. Chris Mccandless also had a distrust for the government, he was often paranoid and skeptical about the economy. Chris never had to worry about money growing up as a child, being born to affluent has it’s perks. Chris never faced real hunger and he never had to make drastic decisions growing up. Chris had it easy. Chris thought that he should be allowed to run free. Borders were nonexistent to him. Borders were made to protect people and Chris disrespected that the best he could. Chris snuck into Mexico, he never intended to use a passport. Chris McCandless could have been captured by border patrol, he could have been taken in by drug cartels, and he could have died. The vulgarity of the situation was he did not care if he parents final visit with him would be with his body being sent back to them or the Mexican border patrol having to find an American dead in their land. He made it other people's problems because he was selfish and a reckless
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