Chris Mccandless 'Alexander Supertramp'

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Cold. Bitter cold, seizing up your nerves and clouding your judgement. An open area in the wilderness, danger at every corner, alone. With only your mind, body, and conscience to guide you; struggling to survive as you fight off the inevitable. Death is looming near, and you are very well aware of this blatant fact. Even if you beg in the back of your mind for it to come swiftly and ease your suffering, it would only laugh and mock your sad attempts along with the living. What would you do in this dark situation you find yourself trapped in? What would you do if you were in his shoes? This follows the tragic story of “Alexander Supertramp”, better known as Chris McCandless. At first glance of the novel “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, it would appear that the main driving forces, or at least most of the main evidence for Chris having …show more content…

My life thus far has been good, and I wouldn’t claim it to be otherwise, I can only express my sorrow for his poor soul in words, and maybe that is not enough... but still I offer my condolences. Again, I must emphasize that this is not the only reason for Chris having left, but I still believe that it was, in some manner, one of the main points towards this. Chris had wanted to cut all ties off from his family, leave his past where it belongs, and prove he could make it on his own. Most would still find the way he went about his travels to be foolish and naive, under-prepared, and his death well deserved. Well I’m here now to encourage a different way of thinking. Do not forget Chris due to others critiques of him, he should be remembered in some manner, and hopefully not as much for the negative aspects. What he had done was admirable, foolish yes, I won’t rebuke that statement entirely; but when a brave soul travels into the wild, we must hope all we can for

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