Chris Mccandless Argument Essay

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In the novel, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Cellarmans argues that Chris McCandless has been “bright and ignorant” (Callarman). I disagree with Cellarmans’ argument, because Chris McCandless wasn't bright and ignorant, he just wanted to be free in Alaska without his family. McCandless family where judgmental and ignorant towards him, although he did not let that get towards him as well as affecting him as much. It is often to say that McCandless wrote quotes every day because he wanted to say at the time what he felt.
My whole life I have heard it said that always go for what you really like to do in your life, that's what was said in the book Into the wild. In my opinion, I do agree because all you do in your life you always had to be happy with that, never let down for what people say to you, keep going and follow your dreams. Chris was tired of being his father's puppet to play with, he just wanted to be on his own and make decisions for himself and do what he want.
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I do admire him for everything he did to be happy.
Americans tend to believe that Chris McCandless has been just plain crazy. I do agree with that because everything that he did never went well. McCandless was plain crazy because of his Alaskan journey made him realize how much he missed society, but at the same time he could not be in society because that reminded him of his past when he was with his family. at that time he just wanted to go away from society. I think he was only afraid to face what was happening when he was close to
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