Chris Mccandless The Wild Character Analysis

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Chris was a strong man who wanted to escape his life and adventure off to Alaska. Unfortunately, Christ died from starvation. There are many people that have different opinions about Chris. For instance, Shaun Callarman is convinced that Chris McCandless was intelligent but unenlightened. He believed that Chris’s expedition was ludicrous and he never thought about the consequences. Shaun despised McCandless and thought he was unhinged. Though Callarman had despicable judgements towards McCandless, Chris’s character showed reasons for his odyssey.

Next, to quote from Jack London “The dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck, and under the fierce conditions of trail life it grew and grew. Yet it was a secret growth. His newborn cunning
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He never thought “what if” and never questioned his trip to Alaska. A person that is considered to have good character exhibits attributes such as integrity, honesty, courage, and loyalty. Chris can be described as having suitable aspects and seeing the good in nature. Jack London declares “It was the wild, the savage, frozenhearted Northland wind.” He sees this as a way of describing the wild. McCandless loves the wild and wanted to express it in a way that it would stick. He never talks bad about nature, he looks at the most important aspects. He cares more about the feeling than the actual picture. Alaska gave him an sensational outlook on the whole world. Chris studies his surroundings and makes plans to navigate through the towns and cities. He canoed down huge rivers, walked for miles on miles. Chris was not foolish or dumb, if he was dumb then he would've never made it to Alaska. He was very intelligent and knew the courses to proceed towards his destinations. His character was built up just like the mountains…show more content…
His sister, Carine, mentioned that he was mesmerized by nature when they first started taking hikes. His character started to build up when he was only a young curious boy. From a young age, he grew up quicker and had a passion for adventure. Thoreau quotes “You are lost the moment you set foot there. You know the path, but wonder, thrilled, over the bare and pathless rock, as if it were solidified air and cloud.” Chris stuck like glue to this quote because it gave an explanation on how he felt about nature. He still felt like this the day he died on that bus. Even when he started to starve to death, he was still honored to complete his expedition which shows humongous faith and
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