Argumentative Essay's 'Lit Of Survival'

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Nathanial Mendes 1/9/2017 Lit. of Survival – T.A. All code heroes have a strong perception of death. Death saturates their every action, or response because death is a finality. Therefore, a man must live now because there is no pleasantness after death, do your great act continuously, it is your only sense of gratification. Consequently, all heroes inherently are part of a scheme of simple gratification, devoting themselves to the physical torments in life. A hero should never fear only recognize death as it becomes an obligation to evade it at all costs. Life itself must continue for others to recognize their beliefs since death means nothing. Should a code hero should be placed before death, they again should prove their steadfast nature…show more content…
If a man wants to live, he lives most forcefully when he is in the direct presence of death. This is the code hero’s chance–yet again - to prove their coolness, grace, and unwavering discipline to themselves and the world. Timothy Treadwell, while malicious within his actions, maintained the sole goal of being with the bears and fought valiantly until his death. He was playful and arrogant where he should have been timid and smart, his wish to be a bear drove him to live in the Alaskan bush even though it was certain death. He defied death and fought to the bitter end for around two decades–although it was avoidable–Treadwell was overconfident; a code hero legend, and a moral horror. He was scornful of his own existence, but always maintained the same perspective, “I’ve always wished I was gay, it would have been a lot easier. You know, it’s just Bing! Bing! Bing!–gay guys, no problem. They go to restrooms and truck stops and perform sex, it’s like so easy for them and stuff. But you know what? Alas, Timothy Treadwell is not gay. Bummer!”. (Jans, 132) Treadwell highlights his belief that he was born
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