Chris Mccandless Hero

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Numerous People state that Chris McCandless was a very thoughtless individual who made crazy decisions after graduating college. Yet many people found his actions to be inspiring as he risked his life to flee the hectic world that surrounded him. As Chris was raised in a perfect environment, living in wealthy middle-class, His relationship with his parents was very degenerating especially towards his father after he found out his dad cheated on his mother when he was younger. This ultimately led Chris to begin his trip to Alaska so he can find his true-self and to live life how it's meant to be lived. What makes Chris McCandless a hero was his desire to be his true self. In order for Chris to find his true self, he embarked on a long journey to the wilderness of Alaska. Before he went off on the trip, he gave away his money to less fortunate to rid himself from the “impurities” of life. He said that “he would shortly donate all the money in his college fund to OXFAM America, a charity dedicated to fighting hunger” (Pg 20 Ch 2). His donation consisted of 24,000 dollars, which would help a various amount of people to live another day. Chris McCandless was a huge despiser of technology. When Chris left Atlanta, he drove a yellow Datsun. However, he had left the Datsun under a tarp, and continued on foot. Soon after, a…show more content…
Whether it was giving away money, helping a friend, or exploring the world in his own eyes, McCandless’s actions will always go down in controversy. Was he foolish or heroic? Chris McCandless’s made what seemed to be logical and reasonable decisions, and some decisions that no other man would dare to make, as we all do in life. That is okay though because as he traveled, his mistakes and good choices impacted people who read this book and knew him in personally and can tell people about Chris accurately than anyone
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