Chris Mccandless Ignorance

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The Ignorance of Chris McCandless
One day Chris McCandless decided to forget his whole present life and throw it all away. I don’t see how he could be so comfortable running away into the wilderness in Alaska. I think he already had a good life and could of had a better life. Chris was a young educated man who graduated from Wilbert Tucker High School and Emory University. I think his main reason for deciding to leave was because of the way his parents treated him. If I was put into his situation, I would have solved it completely differently. I would have packed up my bags and took off and finished my career somewhere else and isolate myself from my family. To me I think it was very stupid of him to not even warn his family of his decisions. Even if his hatred for his family was at the extreme level. Because the fact that he made dumb choices, went into the wild for no common reason, and didn't
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For example, not going back to society to try and put food in his stomach was dumb; instead of just sitting on the bus starving. I judge too much upon the decisions he made, but if he would have had common sense, I doubt he would have died on that bus. Another reason I judge him so hard is because he didn't even have the slightest idea to get a map or a compass. If he had prepared himself just a little bit better for his journey into the wild, he could possibly still be alive till this day.

In the face of the fact that a lot of people have opposed opinions about Chris McCandless, I believe that he is one of the dumbest, oblivious, shallow people I ever heard of. I'm not sure why he made the decisions he made, he was a smart guy that graduated from college somewhat decided to throw his life away. Jon Krauker said “It's not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong ( Into the Wild).” With that being said I respect Chris a lot for having bravery going into the wild and donating all his money to
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