Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Why are people afraid of adventures that will show them what they can do physically and mentally. Chris McCandless was a man that took life to its fullest adventure. Jon Krakauer in Into The WIld interviews people that met Chris McCandless and experienced his personality. Chris McCandless grew up in a family that was wealthy. It appeared to be a normal life, he was a successful student, went to college and graduated on the Dean's list. However, he decided to leave the family and go out to the world with no contact with them. He was not happy living the way he did. Chris wanted nothing to do with society’s material things, he wanted to live on his own off the land but this ended up taking his life in the long run. Krakauer interviewed some …show more content…

Krakauer interviewed people having both positive and negative stories, giving readers a full picture so they can give their own opinion. Chris traveled around the country to be free from society and enjoy life. Krakauer interviews Jan Burres who took in Chris who was hitchhiking and became attached to him. At the Niland book swap Buress says that Alex picked up a portable organ that was lost and played it. Burres explains that “Alex took it over and entertained everybody all day playing it”(Krakauer 45). McCandless kept quiet to all of his talents, but would all of a sudden do something and just completely amaze Buress. Krakauer shows that Chris is a person with talents who shares it with people he has connections to. Another positive outlook on Chris Mccandless was reported by Walt Westerberg. Chris was staying at Walt’s ranch for work. He and Chris became great friends and Chris shared his desire to be out in the wild. Chris told Walt about his big Alaskan adventure. Walt could not believe he was actually going to do it. Westerburg told Chris to come …show more content…

Yet Krakauer himself does see how Chris was a stubborn man. story, although there are times when his opinion of Chris, as someone to be admired, becomes apparent. These little more on his interjections could be persuasive towards the reader. Krakauer see’s Chris as a smart young man. Krakauer says “He was green, and he overestimated his resilience, but he was sufficiently skilled to last for sixteen weeks on whits and ten pounds of rice… He knew precisely what was at stake” (Krakauer 182). Krakauer thinks that he was smart enough and a strong man of himself to stay alive for that amount of time. Krakauer does somewhat persuade us to think that Chris was a good guy and was quit smart to live in the wilderness for the amount of days that he lived in the wild. But krakauer is also impartial enough to give us an example of how Chris was a little bit lazy. When Chris was at the end of his Alaskan journey he was prepared to go home and he had all of his things packed. When he got to the river to cross, it was raging with ice cold snow water. He tried to cross but failed miserably and Krakauer says that “If McCandless had walked a mile or so up stream, he would have discovered that the river broadened into a maze of braided channels.(Krakauer 170). He didn't know enough to look for any other options. Chris had a determined mind and

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