Chris Mccandless In Into The Wild

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“Into the Wild”, by Jon Krakauer explains the story Chris McCandless’ life in the wild. McCandless leaves everything even his family to set off on adventure to Alaska so he can live of the land. On his adventure to Alaska he meet a lot of new people that help him with reaching his goal of Alaska. Chris eventually reached Alaska where he was living off the land for sometime, but unfortunately die by an accident he had. McCandless was a very intellectual and well-rounded person he left an emotional impact on people he meet on his journey to Alaska. Chris’s purpose of his adventure to Alaska is to separate himself from the problems and find himself as a person. McCandless was known as a very intellectual person through the most of life. He showed in his life that he was academically giveth and a smart person. Krakauer explains McCandless smartness, “In an affluent suburb of Washington, D.C., where he’d excelled academically and had been an elite athlete” (3). This shows that Chris was very intelligent person from Washington D.C. where he grew up. He also attended Emory University during the 1990 and graduated from the…show more content…
The problem that Chris McCandless tries to get away is the situation with his father. Walt split up with his wife, Marcia, while after he falled in love Billie, but he continue to see his ex-wife Marica (Krakauer 84). This is a secret that his father kept from Chris, but he found about the thing that his father did. This demonstrates that Chris going to Alaska is to get away from all the problems like the situation with his father. The other part of his purpose to go to Alaska is to find himself as person. McCandless goes to Alaska to live in the wildness that will help him to find the true meaning of mankind and himself. Chris justification to live in the wild is to help him understand everything about himself and get away from
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