Chris Mccandless In Jon Krakauer's 'Into The Wild'

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Into the Wild Essay Most people go into the wilderness to go camping for a week or less than a week, then leave. Some stay for more than a week. Chris McCandless was in the wild for at least one hundred days.“ I’ve decided to live this life for some time to come. The freedom and the beauty of it is too good to pass up.”(pg.92) He went into the wilderness to experience adventure and to find things he was searching for; nature, the path to happiness and freedom. Chris’ determination, self will, pursuit of happiness and the urge to break free are all explored. He did everything he could, so people wouldn’t be able to find him. Changing his name to Alex Supertramp, eliminating everything he had, and only taking things that he needs. Jon Krakauer's “Into the Wild” is an excellent book about how McCandless traveled to Alaska, and how he conquered his dreams. Krakauer also put some of McCandless’ journals and letters in the book. According to Shaun Callarmans analysis Chris McCandless had no business going to Alaska. Callarman thinks Chris McCandless is just plain crazy. Callarman doesn't admire his courage or noble ideas. Even though Shaun Callarman thinks Chris McCandless was bright and ignorant, also made mistakes because of his arrogance, I disagree with Callarmans analysis …show more content…

Calling someone crazy is one thing meaning they have that crazy side to them, calling someone just plain crazy is the other thing.You’re basically saying someone is doesn’t have another side to them. You can say he was insane all you want, but he was crazy and brave. If he wasn’t brave and he was fearful the whole time. He wouldn’t have found what he was looking for. He would go back home. I admire him for his courage and noble ideas, because he was confident. He wasn’t timid, he talk to every individual he had met. He wasn’t a bad guy. He made mistakes but that’s what makes us human like I said

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