Chris Mccandless Influence On Society

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There are over 7 billion people in the world. Of that 7 billion, there are many people who go against the norms of society. These people may go into the wild, like Chris McCandless, or they may be like Henry David Thoreau, who played a key role in the Transcendentalist movement. These people were thrilled for their adventures, even if they were being judged by others.
Born on February 12, 1968, Christopher J. McCandless was different from everybody else (Krakauer 106). Growing up, Chris admired going on adventures with his family. His parents took Carine (his sister) and himself on many summer trips. He loved nature very much. Chris and his father did not see eye-to-eye on many things. He has very strong feelings about money. When
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Thoreau also had a strong appreciation for nature. When Thoreau went into the wild, he had many supplies and was equipped for his journey. Walden Pond was a quiet place for Henry to work. He also wanted to enjoy a simple life that the woods offered. Thoreau had many visitors while he was at Walden Pond (“Thoreau’s First Year”). Henry was not fond of money either (Encyclopedia of World Biography). One of Henry’s passions was to write. His works usually concerned nature (DISCovering Authors). Thoreau was thought of as cold and many people disagreed with his thoughts, but this is did not stop him from writing. McCandless and Thoreau are criticized very often and because of this, they share some similarities and some differences. Chris went into the wild not prepared at all, but Henry, however, was very prepared. Both men had similar thoughts on money and material things. They both disliked how money made people act. One difference between the two men is that Thoreau was able to make it out of wilderness while McCandless was unable to make it out. One of the most important similarities is that they were both relentless and never gave
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