Chris Mccandless Into The Wild: A Nonconformist

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According to Krakauer, who wrote the book of Chris McCandless’ life “Into The Wild”, Chris McCandless was a nonconformist that wasn't a good fit into society, within his own mind, and searching for himself out in the wilderness, from what I can perceive. I believe he had found what he was looking for right before his passing in the wild. He was always adventuring out when he was younger, by instinct. His parents were never really there with him or for him in a mental figurative way. He always believed the answers to everything was in the wild and in nature. All these attributes, whether good or bad, brought him to this conclusion of his life.

When Chris was younger, according to the movie and his sister, he was instinctively leaving out on his own without warning. One time, he had been found in a neighbor's house three blocks away. This shows anyone who can conceive a proper thought, that he was an extremely adventurous person, and that he would take risks for what he wanted. He also showed that he loved being playful and outdoors when he was younger, due to how he would be as a teenager. Chris was a very exuberant and an open minded being.
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Although they did care greatly for Chris and his sister, they had not shown that in enough ways to prevent the tragedy of Chris’ fate. The fact that his parent were there for his physically, but not mentally had a great effect on him. According to the movie and the book “Into The Wild”, I perceived that the major catalyst for Chris to leave was his parents. Even when he was younger, he had to protect his younger sister from their parents when they would produce fierce fights that led to some physicalities. So in turn, Chris ended up being fed up and couldn’t handle the stress, which concluded with him to leave. Although the way his parents were, he was still a very strong hearted person and kept himself
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