Chris Mccandless 'Into The Wild'

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Into the Wild Original, is the word many label themselves. “Establishing their own original ideas and doing acts that no one has committed”. But I own one particular opinion being; everyone was designed to be unique but not original. Everyone is different and thinks differently, but inherits their ideas from other people and modifies it to makes it their own. Chris McCandless was definitely a unique individual, imprinting lasting impressions on everyone who come to know him and those who are now reading about him. Many argue that his family problems were the justification he desired to leave behind his old life to start a new one The two motives why he left his ordinary life behind to enter into his new journey into the wild was because of his passion he possessed for pushing himself as well as the literary influences he read. Throughout reading the novel, Into the Wild the audience discovers Chris had own the characteristics of persistent, intelligent, friendly but definitely not an open book. Chris gained different perspectives from the books he read. Chris McCandless was a very intelligent ,naturally gifted, inspirational person, always pushing him. Although, he did carried many flaws, one being stubbornness. Chris was a person who set his mind on something and nothing and no one could persuade him to seize his desires. He did not allow others to tell him, he was anything but right. There are…show more content…
He was a straight a student, he was placed in a gifted student program. He knew of his talents. He was a Role model and a leader on his cross country team. Making good impressions and good relationship with others Chris had a thirst for adventure physically and intellectually.He had a realistic Chris was a member of a big family. After learning about his father’s previous life. If Chris’s motives were to leave his family, then why would he inform them about his plans? Even
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