Chris Mccandless Journey Into The Wild Argumentative Essay

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People would find it hard to believe how someone who has made something of themselves would just give everything up and start a journey into the wilderness. Well that was the story behind Chris McCandless. Chris decided to drop his very successful college life and losing all links with his old life. Chris took a two year journey that went as far as to Mexico and ended in the the woods of Alaska. Some may believe that McCandless went into the wild because he was suicidal or faced a mental illness, but I believe that, he just wanted to find himself as a person so this journey was necessary. People would be considered “crazy” if they dropped a very successful life and decide that they just want to explore the extreme conditions of the wild. Every once in awhile people decide to make minor changes like a different haircut, getting a pet, and etc; not in Chris’s case he changed his entire way of living. He felt like his childhood was a fiction because his parents weren’t married when he was born, as stated in an article called…show more content…
He could have handled all of the situations in a different matter. But we personally didn’t experience what he went through as a child. Truly no one knows the exact reason why McCandless ventured off into the woods, except for him. It could have been many reasons such as his beliefs, emotional damage, family problems, or maybe even arrogance. We won’t know the exact reason because he journey proved fatal. We can only base our ideas off of books and his family statements. He believed that he needed to isolate himself from the rest of the world to find himself. He felt the need to enjoy nature and how a life without money and materialistic things would be. As I stated before he could’ve have accomplished his goals in a different way. He didn’t have to drop college and lose all connections with society. He could’ve made his trip but with his family knowing of his
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