Chris Mccandless Journey Into The Wild

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Christopher McCandless left presuming to leave his old life behind, change his name, make a new life for himself and live off the wild. Chris gave everything he owned away, leaving himself with nothing but a dream to go to Alaska. His remembrance of his past has left him with a deep feeling of being unwanted by his parents past and present. From his parents arguing about little things to going on his first road trip to where he grew up in California and learning about how his dad was cheating with his mom and had a son with his other wife, it really disturbed him giving him very mixed feelings. This ultimately lead to him wanting a new life away from his past. Krakauer uses the other people’s lives as examples of other people who did nearly…show more content…
He was born and raised in the same Washington suburbs as Chris. He started climbing at age 13 and was a born pro. He became very fond of the sport and left to Alaska to pursue it. He attempted to climb Mt. Denali, which few people have been able to conquer, with little supplies. He had previously accomplished the task but he was attempting it again from a further point. His lack of supplies and attempt at facing something so difficult is very similar to Chris McCandless’s journey into the wild. John faced the difficult task, started the journey, and “he was not seen again; it is assumed he broke through a thin snow bridge and plummeted to his death...” 80. Although he wasn’t the brightest of them all, his death was simply an accident, like McCandless. John Waterman helps Krakauer develop his story giving a similarity of how Chris had led his path and how he ultimately died. Although neither of them were the brightest, their deaths were simple mistakes. Jon Krakauer’s depiction of Chris McCandless’s life compared to others is all but true. They dreamed of a different place, away from society in Alaska, that ultimately killed them. The lives of Gene Rosellini and John Waterman were practically the same person as Chris McCandless. Their heart, love, and dreams led them to their deaths. None of them wanted to die, they all had plans; Gene, wanting to get back into the mainland and visit family, John, stating previous so his last attempt “Take me home… I don’t want to die.” 79, and Chris, who was planning to go back to his days as a Leather
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