Chris Mccandless Leaving Society Analysis

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Individualism is when a person has achieved non-conformity, self-reliance, free-thought, confidence, and finding one’s self through nature. Although individualism may be achieved in society, it cannot be fully achieved until one removes himself from society. Chris McCandless did exactly that; he removed himself from society by backpacking and hitchhiking throughout the United States to test and achieve individualism. McCandless’s last great adventure was to Alaska to fully obtain individualism, unfortunately, he died trying to find his spiritual belonging and individualism. Many people would think it was absurd that Chris left his family and threw his life away, and they would think that he was not justified in leaving society, however, Chris McCandless was justified in leaving society because by doing so he could achieve non-conformity and self-reliance without being oppressed. Chris McCandless would not have been able to achieve non-conformity or…show more content…
Many would say he was unjustified, but many do the same thing but on a minuscule scale, and he was justified to seek out non-conformity and self-reliance by leaving society because like many people today he wanted solitude from the government and mainstream society. Additionally, the adventure of Chris McCandless shows that when we want solitude or want to find ourselves we should be prepared, and that leaving society is not as horrible as people make it to be. Non-conformity and self-reliance and all the other attributes of individualism have to be found outside of society because society will hold everyone back. Everyone at one point wants to know who they truly are, and if you want to leave society that is fine, but be prepared not only physically but also be prepared mentally for what one can learn and
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