Chris Mccandless Life In Into The Wild

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McCandless Life Into the Wild’ is about a young man who rejects his conventional life to live in the wild ,Shaun Callarman states “I think that Chris McCandless was bright and ignorant at the same time, He had no common sense .He abandoned his family to go on an adventure to find himself happiness.He was dissatisfied with his life,he eschewed ambition and materialism in favor of living as close to nature and as far moved from society as he possibly could.He was alienated from his parents who could never understand him.Chris McCandless sought a more fulfilling existence in Alaska(Callarman,2016). Chris Mccandless chose a solitary life to get away from his parents,they never understood what he wanted.He chose to give all of his money away to charity,he rid himself of everything that he had to set out on a worthless journey and die's later on.Do you think it was smart for him to do that?However that young man definitely had luck on his side, in the end he was bested by mother nature. I personally think Chris was in over his head with his actions, that’s why he died, if he would have had more self-control and outdoor experience he would have survived. Almost any nature survivalist will know that before eating a plant, to make sure to check for all…show more content…
He didn’t have a awful life from what I understood. He had no worries in the world with just finishing up college and being born into a family with money. He ran away from his friends and family to find himself without saying a word, that is why I agree with Shaun Callarmans statement, “he had no business going into Alaska with his romantic silliness”. .(Callarman,2016)Chris mccandless wanted to go somewhere that would make him happy without anyone always telling what to do.I believe that he should've told his parents that he was leaving,but then again they probably would not have listened to
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