Chris Mccandless Mistakes In Into The Wild

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Chris McCandless was a guy who thought it would be a brilliant idea to go out into the wilderness and live out there. He made many mistakes with living in the wilderness for starters he was very ill prepared, Chris did not bring enough food to survive and with that he had to find his own food. When Chris started to leave he decided he's going to get rid of all his money and so he burned some of it and gave the rest of the money to charity. Chris hunted little animals and then he killed a moose he ended up not preserving it correctly and he had to get rid of it because it became old and gross.For a guy to get a book and a movie written about his life and ultimate death, do you think that’s right? Throughout Chris’s journey he made mistakes that cannot be replaced.As Jon Krakauer said in the beginning of Into the Wild Chris McCandless even went as far as to burn his money. He describes how McCandless took “A pathetic little stack of ones and fives and twenties and put a match to it,” (Krakauer 29). This quote tells that McCandless burned his money for absolutely no reason. It’s not right that he burned his money and throughout the trip he got food from other people because he couldn’t afford any food. Not only did Chris burn his money,but he was very ill prepare. Chris only brought a rifle,…show more content…
Chris’s death did not actually surprise anyone it was actually expected. The cause of Chris’s death was because of dried seedpods. At the end of Into the Wild Jon Krakauer described the reason Chris died. As you continue to read on Jon said that Chris died because “Between meals he stored those green seedpods in damp unclean ziploc bags an excellent culture for the proliferation of mold,” (Krakauer 194). This quote tells that he died because the seeds in the ziploc bag got really damp and so it molded and Chris didn’t know because he doesn't know what mold looks like. Chris ended up eating it and got sick and
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