Chris Mccandless Motivation

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Although many may argue that McCandless past served as primary motivation for his adventure, there is more evidence showing that he had his own differential feelings and has a different act to his everyday decisions that were chosen for himself. Starting off, how Chris McCandless’s childhood life probably had an affect to him to his life choices when he went into the wild. Referring back to documentary how not only did he have spoken about his past, but his siblings did along with his parents about him to how he was and the decisions he made and how it impacted him as to if what he chose to do. He knew that some even his own family would put their own view about himself as being a selfish person because he was just doing what he wanted for …show more content…

I feel as a lot of past just reflected on Chris and made him just want to be a more of adventurous type of guy and one that didn’t take a chance for granted. Looking back into the documentary, McCandless spoke how when he had chose to take off and did that he wouldn’t hear as much from his parents about them wondering why he didn’t want to come back or just as if they didn’t seem to show that they cared that he suddenly just left into the wild. Although, it spoke clearly of his sister’s concerns of him leaving because they talked on the documentary and were able to share stories of their childhood growing up with Chris and how much they worried for his safety of him being gone away for the amount of months. Chris’s sisters even had went into the wild, where they seen Chris was staying and didn’t seem to understand how he managed to be out there living in where he lived, being cold on the daily, or how he survived through eating. However, being out there they knew it’s what Chris liked for his own culture out there, it’s what he enjoyed and made him look at himself as a good person that took risk, so that’s what made them see it different because it was their brother’s

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