Chris Mccandless Pawns In Into The Wild

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Within a chess game, there is a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. Throughout the game of chess, all of the pieces are required to help the king achieve checkmate. Those pieces, excluding the king, are sacrificed during the game for the king to gain victory. In Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless has gone on a journey to Alaska. He has met various people who assisted him throughout the way, including helping him find information or giving him a ride. As McCandless moves from place to place, he leaves behind those he met to continue his journey into the wilderness. In a sense, McCandless has been the king of his own chess game while those around him were his pawns. His chess game was different did not end up in victory because he has allowed his ideals to get ahead of him, causing his demise. Chris McCandless has a radiance of Transcendental properties through his actions and being. Chess is a strategy game filled with various rules; however Chris McCandless ignores all these so-called rules and take a more free and…show more content…
McCandless focuses his life around himself and is egotistical. The reason he may think only of himself is due to his ability to detach himself from society’s norms. He was in a position to do so by returning to nature and leaving cities and industries behind. It was his own choice to become an independent individual and break free from the chains of society. McCandless “tried to follow” his “dream” and realized them (Krakauer 96). Unlike others, he wanted to make his dreams come true, hence making him different. He becomes self reliant and believes in his own potential to make his wishes a success. Once he followed his own dreams, he soon, then focuses on himself. Without his Transcendental belief, he did live his desires and
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