Chris Mccandless Persuasive Essay

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Compare and Contrast Argument Essay Adam Shepard and Chris McCandless are marvelous people who journey out to figure out if the American Dream was still alive and from both of their perspective both did achieve it, but one did not make it back. Both had a different objective of achieving the American Dream, McCandless went into the wilderness with only 10 pounds of rice, and a camera, while Shepard went into the city of Charleston with only $25, the clothes on his back, a sleeping bag, and a duffle bag. McCandless went into the wilderness because he said that his parents do not really love, he gets everything from them, and he wants to be more self-reliance. Shepard went into Charleston because he wanted to prove that the American Dream can be achieved anywhere only if you have the commitment to do it. Chris McCandless had a bigger impact than Adam Shepard because he impacted the people he met along the way, he was more self-reliant than Shepard, and found happiness out in the wilderness. First, was along McCandless journey he met some pretty amazing people. When he was walking along the side of the road he was picked up by a hippie couple and they really enjoyed his stay with them. McCandless also got their marriage back on track and when he left them to get back on track, they were sad that he left. When…show more content…
So to prove his point that he wanted to more self-reliant and to achieve the American Dream he needed to go out to the wilderness where there is no one but him and the animals that live out there. The way McCandless show reliance is how he had to hunt animals in order to survive and had to make other essentials materials. He had to use his instincts and notes that he had learned and wrote down. Like a moose he killed, but he couldn’t eat none of due to his little knowledge of cooking a
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