Chris Mccandless Rebellion Essay

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Chris McCandless may first be described as a rebel and his inclination to abstain from the family he was brought up with. Krakauer says that he 'believed that wealth was shameful, corrupting, and inherently evil '. Despite that, Chris always liked money. Chris was also a very independent person who had a strong relationship with nature. Chris was also the kind of kid to always get good grades, without even trying to. I think Chris McCandless felt unfufilled in his life of privilege, and wanted to go out and experience life how he wanted to for awhile, and live freely. Chris may even still be alive today, had he been more prepared. Chris McCandless has always been a bit of a rebel. His spiritual awakening, has led him to quit society. He…show more content…
Chris only had a backpack with a few books, basic clothes, personal care items, and some other camping supplies. He also had a .22 caliber rifle with 400 rounds of ammunition. Chris 's intention was to live off the land as much as possible. He even Gallien, who was the person who gave him a ride to the Stampede trail a few things "Alex insisted on giving Gallien his watch, his comb, and what he said was all his money: eighty-five cents in loose change." (Krakauer 6) In Chris 's quest to become free and to find himself, also found death. He was irresponsible because instead of finding his way through a reasonable way, he just dropped everything, changed his name, and left without telling anyone anything. He should have realized that his .22 caliber rifle would not kill any big game such as moose or deer without multiple shots. Chris didn 't know about the seeds he was eating too, as they turned out to be toxic "... In the case if Chrisopher McCandless, there is evidence that H. alpinum seeds constituted a significant portion of his meager diet during a period before his is highly likely that the ingestion of relatively large amounts of this antimetablolite was a contributing factor to his death."
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