Chris Mccandless The Movie Character Analysis

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1) What made the largest impact on you in the film as a whole?
- One of the largest impact that had on me, was when Christopher McCandless decided to leave everything behind and try something that might get him killed.
Also the courage Chris had when he suddenly left everything behind him and went on a adventure without contacting his parents once.

2) Which characters – apart from Chris – are the most interesting ones and why?
- One of the most interesting characters in the movie is Mr. Franz. Mr. Franz is an old man that only works at his own little job in his garage. He seems to have a lot of dreams and adventures he wants to fulfill before he passes away, but since he was an only child no one had pushed him to the limit, until he meets
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Franz reminds me of many youths, including myself, in today’s society. We keep ourselves from what we really are passionate about and push it aside, until someone which could be a complete stranger or a simple movie, to think about our everyday life, and realize that we are wasting our life on something that we always can do later on, because we are putting it as our first priority because the society will look down on us, if we do not.

3) Describe two characters and Christopher McCandless. Look at personality, background story, interaction with other people, and development.
- Walt McCandless: Christopher’s dad was an abusive, power and money hungry man that had received too much attention from the people around him. He is a aerospace engineer. The attention and money he receives makes him blind to what happens around him. The fame, money and power make him verbally and physically abusive towards his wife. Walt McCandless also looks and talks down on his daughter, Carine.
When Christopher leaves everything behind, and is gone without making any contacts to his family, Walt finally realizes that the money and fame which is a temporary material, will never give him or the people around him
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After getting poisoned by the potato seed, he finally feel as if he did something good while living, and that he made an impact on the people he met throughout his journey.

4) What does the film show us about traveling and transcendentalism? Please try to describe transcendentalism in your answer to this question.
- Transcendentalism plays a big role in the movie. If we look at the first scene where the family is gathered for dinner to celebrate Alexs’ graduation and the transcendentalism plays a big role there because his parents wants to buy him a new car even though his old car is working just fine — the material plays a bigger role to his parents because his parents likes to show off their money and forgets their child’s happiness ans it shows how the modern day society has corrupted “man’s nature”

5) Why does Chris say: “to see things right as they are” at the end of the film?
- Because he finally finds out how it is to live without materials that a society depends on, and rules a person’s everyday
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