Chris Mccandless The Wild Argumentative Essay

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Society’s values influence people to construct their personal mores around them, and those who do not are not accepted by society. In our society, those who have well-paying careers are valued above those who do not. So when McCandless decided against following the path society expects him to, his parents were upset. “Chris informed his parents that he had no intention of going to college. When Walt and Billie suggested that he needed a college degree to attain a fulfilling career, Chris answered that careers were demeaning ‘twentieth-century inventions,’ more of a liability than an asset, and that he would do fine without one, thank you” (114). The haughty tone with which he ends the sentence shows his confidence in his decision to live how he wants to live rather than how society expects him to. His parents, who McCandless sees as conformists, want him go to college so he can have a career that is “fulfilling”, which to society seems mean wealth. However, McCandless chooses not to be a conformist by rejecting the path that society deems proper and…show more content…
The truth is that in our society education is highly important to have stability in life, so it makes sense that his parent were worried when he said he did not want to go to college. If I was in their place, I too would have wanted the best for McCandless and insisted he get a good education. I do think that McCandless is admirable for following his own path and not worrying about society's standards. At the same time, he seems a bit selfish despite his charity. He seems like he wants to impose his views on others because he thinks he is right, and when people do not completely agree, he cuts them out of his life. His stubbornness and withdrawal caused his family a lot of pain and worry. Even though he is kind to many people, I think he is inherently selfish to the point of being
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