Chris Mccandlessness In Into The Wild

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Many people may feel corrupt or threatened by the government and may want to disappear from the system. A young man managed to get away, however did not accomplish it on good terms. Chris McCandless was the name of the nonconformist. He wanted to go into the wild with no technology and nothing that would connect him with society. Not even his parents because he felt a sense of betrayal, his dad had another family with another woman that nobody knew about. During his journey he decided to change his name to Alex, he met many people. Not only did Alex befriend them, he also left a strong impression on each of them. These people include Westerberg, Jan Burres, and Ronald Franz. Throughout his adventures he also learned a lot of important life lessons.
Westerberg was the name of the man whom had given him his first job in Carthage. Alex would always talk and tell stories, he enchanted everyone with his charisma. Westerberg gave him employment at a grain elevator and rented him an inexpensive room in one of the two houses he owned. As stated in the book “Into The Wild” by Jon Krakauer, Westerberg claims,” I’ve given jobs to lots of hitch hikers over the years...most of them weren’t much …show more content…

Alex hitch hiked along the country for months, when he was in Arcata, California in the redwood forests he stopped on the side of the United States highway 101. Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob noticed him and felt sorry so they offered him a ride. McCandless mentioned he was surviving on edible plant and was tramping around the country having adventures. He was also telling them about how he burned and buried his belongings because he didn’t need them. Hearing and seeing him reminds Jan about her son, who is the same age as McCandless, who she hasn’t seen or talked to for years. Jan Burres immediately grew an attachment with Alex. She had a strong connection with him because of how much he reminded her of her own

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