Chris Mccandless's Dream In Into The Wild

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The aim/purpose of this paper is to analyse Chris McCandless`s development of his idealistic lifestyle. Chris McCandless is the protagonist of the film “Into the Wild”. He tries to find his real personality and his ultimate freedom. Therefore he leaves his family, all his material goods and, his social personality behind, to live a life alone. In his journey he experiences a variety of difficult situations, which most of them he overcomes successfully. The last very demanding obstacle he is not able to solve successfully and in the end he dies. The film based on a true story, directed by Sean Penn, an American actor, writer and director. It is astonishing how strongly the film sticks to book with the same title, written by John Krakauer. John Krakauer himself spent some time climbing in the wild in Alaska when he was young, but he returned alive instead of the…show more content…
He was searching his individuality, ultimate freedom, and happiness.

“[…] No longer poisoned by civilization he flees, […]” (Krakauer 162). Chris McCandless perceives society as poison therefore he wants to get rid of it. “Four years of filling the absurd and tedious duty of graduating from college. Emancipated from that world of obstruction, false security, parents and material success” (Into the Wild). This quote shows that Chris is frustrated of his life and the society he lives in. Although he is successful in projecting his working-career, he feels upset with the modern materialistic world.
“Careers are a 21st century invention. I don`t want one” (Into the Wild). Additionally he points out the “[…] false security, parents […]” (Into the Wild), in a row because he is hurt by the fact, that his father has another family elsewhere and that he is not officially separated from this woman. Chris McCandless wants something else, something real and therefore he leaves his old life behind to seek for his idealistic
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