Chris P. Bacon's Chubbers: Summary

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It was a spring night for Chubbers the chipmunk. It was an extremely challenging night for Chubbers. He was going to steal food that he desperately needed for winter, a twinkie. Chubbers was a very fat chipmunk, although that did not affect his ninja instincts. He spent five years developing his ninja instinct. All the other "ninja" chipmunks despised him, for they thought he was too overweight to ever develop ninja instincts. Chubbers geared up to break into Chris P. Bacon 's house. This would be difficult because Chubbers would have to pass multiple challenging obstacles. Chubbers sneakily approached the house. He spotted an air vent which he hoped he could climb through to get into the house. Chubbers approached the air vent. He was very lucky because the vent was very big so he could fit in it. Chubbers got in and started making his way down the vent. He knew it wouldn 't hold him for long, so he had to hurry. The vent started to creak and cave in. BAM! Chubbers fell through the air vent!…show more content…
Chubbers landed very hard into Chris P. Bacon 's kitchen and made an extremely loud sonic boom which woke up the rottweiler. The visius dog weighed around 200 pounds but was very fit. The sonic boom shocked the rottweiler, which gave Chubbers a chance to run away. He was surprised to find that he not only survived the fall but could run! The Rottweiler chased him through the kitchen crashing and banging into everything. Chris P. Bacon liked to cook, and he had a lot of silverware. It hung from the ceiling; forks, spoons, sporks and knives. When the dog was scrambling around after Chubbers, a knife fell from the ceiling and stabbed the dog 's collar right to the floor! Finally, Chubbers thought he was safe to get his Twinkie, but then the dog let out a loud bark that made the hair stick up on Chubber 's neck. And that 's when he heard the door
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