Going To Mars

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Why not to go to mars
Going to Mars is a greatly speculated idea being pursued by many scientists.
Mars has many dangers. Physical dangers are a major concern when going to colonize on Mars. Ed Regis in his article "Let's Not Move to Mars" published in The New York Times states: "Radiation exposure may increase your cancer risk, it can damage your nervous system, with both acute effects and later consequences."(Regis) Additionally going to Mars can have harmful effects to the inside of your body. The NASA article "The Human Body in Space" says, "Your bone mass wastes away, your teeth become more susceptible to cavities, your body's muscles, including your heart, even the small muscles that control your eye movements, atrophy and lose mass,
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Chris Chambers in his article "Mars One: The psychology of isolation, confinement and 24-hour Big Brother" published by The Guardian states: "Crewmember psychology may result in increased feelings of isolation, home sickness, dysphoria, or even suicidal or psychotic thinking."(Chambers) Nonetheless, on the trip to mars, crewmembers will face major mental health concerns. Ed Regis in his article "Let's Not Move to Mars" published in The New York Times states: "There will be persistent mechanical noise and vibration, sleep disturbances, unbearable tedium, trance states, depression, monotonous repetition of meals, clothing, routines, conversations and so on. Every interpersonal conflict, and emotional and psychological stress that we experience in ordinary, day-to-day life on Earth will be magnified."(Regis) In the space craft on the mission to Mars humans will be trapped in a tiny space with a ship that makes a lot of noise for a very long time. Without the ability to move around and talk to different people then the ones that are sitting next to you, the crewmembers will be mentally tired all the time. Everything they do will be repeated for months. If we send hundreds of people to Mars, there is a very high chance that every person that lands on the planet will have developed some type of a mental disorder on the way there. Even though astronauts will face…show more content…
Jordan Bates in his article "In Order to Ensure Our Survival, We Must Become a Multi-Planetary Species" published by Futurism states: "A number of experts agree that humanity needs to become a multi-planetary species within the next 100 years to ensure its survival into the future."(Bates) Experts on space believe that if we are living on more than one planet, and an asteroid hits earth, that the human species will not be wiped out because others would be on Mars. Others believe that we may run out of natural resources on Earth and that Mars could save us. Although some people believe this, it is not true. David Spiegelhalter in his article "Afraid of being hit by a meteorite? You're more likely to win the lottery" published by The Guardian states: "But there are 6,700,000,000 people on Earth, and so the chance of anybody at all being hit is 6,700,000,000/20,000,000,000,000 which is one in 3,000, very close to Nasa's quoted figure of one in 3,200. So really this is a back-of-an-envelope calculation."(Spiegelhalter) People think that humans need to be a multi planetary species when that is actually, not true. The chance that humans will be wiped out on Earth is highly unlikely. The chance of the humans being sent to mars and dying in the process is much higher than an asteroid killing everyone on planet Earth. It is true that some people believe humans should be living on more than one planet in
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