Chrissy Weems Case Study

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Chrissy Weems ' Success: Origami Owl, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Motherhood Many would have to agree that time management is an important facet of being a mother. With so many hats to wear, one could only hope to be resilient enough to find success as an entrepreneur.This is what Chrissy Weems did, as she worked alongside her daughter, Bella Weems in starting Origami Owl. Graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Fine Art, Mrs. Weems always had a passion for creativity. She would often sketch and tinker with possible product ideas that were unique and expressed her true self as well as others. She was instrumental in helping her daughter, Bella create customizable lockets that women can personalize with charms that tell her story. She formally launched Origami Owl in of 2010.…show more content…
Bella originally wanted to save money in order to buy her own used car when she was 16. Being a driven, passionate young woman, Bella was able to sell several lockets to family and friends and then expanded to help customers at in home jewelry parties. In November of 2010, Bella and Chrissy Weems opened a kiosk on Black Friday of 2010. After finding success at the mall and wanting other women to be able to have the same success that they did, Origami Owl, and eventually shifted to a social selling model in January of 2012. The brand showcases a line of customizable jewelry with glass lockets, miniature charms and chains that can be personalized by the user according to his/her
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