Christ Stop At Eboli Analysis

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Lorena Villlena Carlo Levi’s memoire Christ Stopped at Eboli Foodways are economic, cultural and social practices that refer to the fabrication and consumption of food. This means that traditions, history and culture in general include food. Food is and has been always a significant part of all societies present today as well as societies in the past. Foodways are important all over the world not only because food is necessary to live and function but also because of the high cultural significance it has. An important factor is how food joins people together for when growing it, selling it, preparing it and most definitely when consuming it. In the memoir Christ Stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi food is important in distinguishing between the peasants and the rich, an important factor for celebrating and socializing as well as a huge symbol of hospitality among the people of Gagliano. Food plays an important role in this memoir in helping the author and the reader distinguish between the wealthy and the poor that live in Gagliano. Not only did they have different foods but the food was eaten in a different way and in a different setting. It was pointed out clearly how different the foods the wealthy and the poor ate when Levi visited…show more content…
Not only in the era of the memoir but till today, many countries used food as a prime factor of civilization and cultural ideology. Foodways have been evolving during the past years becoming more and more of daily custom. As food is a primary source of life, the people of Gagliano have used it in many different ways so that they benefit their culture in every way possible. so takes its way of consumption to be significant. Food is been used in traditions, games, special events, appreciation actions,
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