Christian Allusions In Brave New World

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Every society strives to be perfect, but the truth is most cannot make the sacrifices necessary to achieve perfection. Every society contains too much conflict since different people's’ views and emotions are constantly clashing with each other. These conflicts are the reason why a utopian society cannot be created. In order to have a perfect society, everyone in that society has to have similar motives to eliminate conflicting ideals. Societies have to be willing to sacrifice certain traits, such as emotions and the truth to obtain perfection, but first, they must ask themselves, “is it really worth giving up these traits?” In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, he uses Christian symbolism and Shakespearian allusions to portray to the reader that it is not worth sacrificing the truth for a “happy utopian society”. In order to better understand most literature, you must first understand the religion behind it, such as Christianity in the case of BNW. Huxley uses Christian symbolism to elaborate to the reader how the new leaders of his society…show more content…
He showed this to the reader through the use of Christian symbolism and Shakespearean allusions to show that it is not worth sacrificing the truth for a “happy utopian society”. Both happiness and truth are such important parts of a person’s life, and neither one can just be eliminated for the greater good of the other. A utopian society is perfect in every way, shape, and form, so one can not just eliminate such a big part of any community. Ignorance of such a big part of life, such as truth, is dangerous to one's self. Huxley’s final message to the reader is in order to reach that perfect society, people must learn to solve their problems without simply sweeping them under the rug.When people live in ignorance, there is no possibility of peace, and is that a “perfect society” someone would want to live
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