Christian Allusions In The Great Gatsby

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Christian Allusion in The Great Gatsby and The Old Man and The Sea
Fitzgerald and Hemingway have taken christian allusions to the next level in their works. In the beautiful work by Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, the Christ-like item is the Doctor's Eyes looking upon everyone driving out of The City of Ashes. In Hemingway’s work there are a lot of different parts that have christian allusions. But the one that stood out the most was when Santiago was laying down in the same position as Christ hanging on the cross. Even though some people may not see the Christian Allusions, that does not mean that they are not meaningful for the books The Great Gatsby and The Old Man and The Sea.
Throughout the two texts Fitzgerald and Hemingway uses various Christ-like items. Fitzgerald really made Christian allusions hard to find. But the one that has truly stood out to us all, are The Eyes of T.J. Eckleburg. These eyes seem to be watching everyone that drives in and out of the Valley of Ashes. “Then as Doctor T.J. Eckleburg’s faded eyes came into sight down the road I remembered Gatsby’s caution about gasoline.” (pg. 129) This quote is all about how the eyes may give someone a warning or a sight that something bad is going to happen to them
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In Hemingway’s work, The Old Man and The Sea, there are only a couple that you do not catch at first. The big one that you see right away is when Santiago is laying in bed just like Christ on the cross. “Finally collapsing on his bed, depleted and vulnerable after his long and arduous journey, Santiago lay face down on the newspapers with his arms out straight and the palms of his hands up.” (pg 122). A very Christ-like image, to be sure. Though his writing style is not to my taste, the religious symbolism that Ernest Hemingway embroidered within the weave of his classic The Old Man and the Sea is brilliant as a chalice and thus worthy of
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