Christian Apologetics: A Comparative Analysis

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The broadest and most basic definition of Christian apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith. However, the diversity of the Christian Faith makes defending it a complex position. Out of the complex facets of Christianity that apologetics defend, one the more popular issues is creation. Many in the secular scientific arena believe that there are numerous amounts of technical findings to refute the biblical account for creation, one being the existence of dinosaurs. What this essay discusses are the apologetic foundations used to defend the biblical account of creation and the secular argument presented with fossil evidences, and the biblical evidence that embrace the existence of dinosaurs within the time frame of creation. J. Warner Wallace presented several questions concerning dinosaurs vs. creation that Christians have asked for years in attempts to reach the truth of the matter. “How do Christians…show more content…
303-304). However, the proof of their lifespan provided by their fossils does not dismiss the Christian view of creation. Romans 15:12-14 and Genesis 2:6 both refer to the fall of man and death. However, death in these instances is not strictly physical. Therefore the evidence of fossils cannot categorically disprove biblical creation or the time frame of biblical creation. As pointed out in Creation Moments: DO THE EXISTENCE OF DINOSAURS CONTRADICT BIBLICAL CREATION?: “The existence of dinosaur fossils does not by any means invalidate history as found in the Bible. Vast ages are not necessary for the formation of the earth 's sedimentary rocks and the fossils within them. The Flood of Noah, along with other primeval catastrophes, could have formed the rock layers quite quickly, and a global change of weather following the Flood could have led to the extinction of all reptiles programmed for survival in warmer and wetter
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