Christian Apologic False Claim

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I am amazed that Christians still use the worn-out " Irreducible complexity " argument which has been proven to be untenable and false every time they are brought up. This article is no different than the " flagellum Motor, " an organism seemed to be so complex it could not function if it were changed in anyway or if its " fine tuning " was off. Then came real science which had proven that you could remove part of the motor and it still functioned in one way or another and POOF!!!! another Christian apologetic false claim gone. It should be noted that this article is from the " Institute For Creation Research " which as the name implies is a Christian apologetic agenda driven organization which means nothing they say is credible or at…show more content…
The Masters degree at the end of his name is NOT for biology it is for in bio-technology. Brian Thomas only has an Under-graduate Bachelor 's degree in biology. This means on a scholarly level Brian Thomas is NOT qualified to speak authoritatively on the subject of biology like a PHD can. However is qualified to give an under-educated opinion on it. Unless his paper is published in a Scientific journal and found to be valid by other biologists his opinions are nothing but typical subpar un-thought-out Christian apologetics at best. All one has to do to figure this article out as scientifically unacceptable and false is to look at the references for his work. Brian Thomas gives two references to help validate his own work both of which are written by himself no less. Talk about Christian circular logic. The only other reference given is from a reporter for the NPR. All three references are hardly what one would consider serious sources of reference. And they certainly would be considered unacceptable if given to the peer review process which all scientific claims must undergo to be considered as
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