Christian Apologist Research Paper

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You are confusing the definitions of apologists and scholars. The apologists only goal is to defend his opinion. Not to pass on knowledge that I believe is an evangelist 's job.

No, you are confusing a term with its application; a Christian apologist is first and foremost an evangelist.

Your analogy is also slightly off track. If you are comparing your maths teacher to an apologist is believe the correct comparison would be that the apologist is a teacher that does not follow the textbook but rather gives you his own version of maths which is much easier and that most likely differs from the actual math in the final exam.
Hmm, I think you do not realise how aped that comment is, the bank of England chief executive was asked by a reporter- if the sales generated by Christmas would kick start the economy, his response got all Christians nodding, what did he say - “we won’t see the benefits of Christmas until Easter”. His words had truth beyond his meaning.
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Of course, anyone could make a mistake, however, as you guys like to say peer review would correct any errors as unlike atheism Christianity has a source of authority that is held by every Christian, therefore, a Christian apologist does not only have atheistic criticism but those like me holding them to the source of our
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